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Minecraft: Updating the Classroom


The much feared skills deficit has been a popular topic in the media for the last couple of years, with many fearing its potential impact on businesses and the economy in the future (1). An OECD report found that UK teenagers aged 16-19 were ranked 22nd out of 23 in a list of developed naRead More ..

The War for their Screens

Young girl watching TV

Over the last few years, it has been impossible to ignore the growing popularity of streaming services within society. It is estimated that around 6.4million people subscribe to Netflix in the UK and roughly 5 million subscribe to Amazon Prime (1). These platforms have transformed the way everyone Read More ..

Child’s Play Marketing


As we know children are significant and influential consumers, purchasing products in their own right and as any parent will appreciate, accounting for a significant amount of parental spending power. Naturally toys contribute to the large share of parental spend, however it is important to appreRead More ..

Future trends in kids play, and current issues in the market


  iGen Insight sat down with psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of The Good Toy Guide and CEO Fundamentally Children, to discuss key topics in kids’ play habits, brand marketing and how the market is set to change.      How hasRead More ..

Are toy brands doing enough for children of different ethnic backgrounds?


  Children comprehend their world by assigning labels at a young age, which contributes towards their life narrative and how they view themselves in the world. For young children, the world can be a pretty confusing place. To even begin to comprehend tRead More ..

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