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Imoji: Turn YOUR selfie into an emoji


Everyone loves sending emojis to their friends however we’re often frustrated by the lack of variety among the picture characters!
An exciting new app has solved this problem! Created by six friends who were fed up with emoji’s limitations, Imoji allows you to “Turn your favourite selfies, animals, and celebrities into stickers you can text,”.
Simply upload any photo stored on your iPhone or search the web for an image, crop and trim, then save your imoji as public or private. You can add tags so the rest of the world can search for and use your emojis!
The new craze is very popular among young people as they’re able to express themselves more effectively! “Emojis are great at communicating an emotion or tone in a text message so they will continue to play a part in the way people communicate. Where we think things are heading is a more flexible and creative form of communication, one which adds a new dimension to a text message. We’ve designed Imoji to be just that,” said Tom Smith, one of Imoji’s founding members, in an interview with Forbes.
Find out more and download the app for free here: