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Introduction of the LeapBand – Is this the new tamagotchi?


LeapBand is a new form of wearable technology that has been designed by LeapFrog to encourage children to play actively and to build healthy lifestyle habits. It looks like and has similar characteristics to adult fitness wearable technology, but with one key difference – it enables children to interact with a virtual pet.

Each child that owns an activity tracker will have their own virtual pet to nurture; choosing from either a cat, dragon, monkey, dog, panda, penguin, robot or unicorn. When completing exercises children will earn points that can be used to unlock new experiences that will make the interaction with their pet (and later on pets, depending on points gathered) more enjoyable. Consequently LeapFrog foresee that children will be increasingly active in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

At iGen we are very excited about this activity tracker because it is the first of its kind. We look forward to seeing the reaction it receives after its release in August 2014.

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